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DIY: How To Clean The Interior Of Your Auto Glass Windshield.

It’s important to know how to properly clean the interior of your windshield. Make the wrong choices & you could end up with scratches & blurry glass.

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Windshield Replacement Care? What do I do?

On top of your dashboard place some microfiber towels. This will forestall dribbles on the dash. You could utilize similar towels you used to buff and clean the outside of the windshield so as to abstain from experiencing your towels too rapidly. 


Shower some glass cleaner on your scour cushion. Shower a couple of extra squirts of cleaner on a large portion of the windshield. Beginning in the upper-right corner of the traveler’s side, move the clean cushion down the windshield in parallel lines, working your way to one side (driver’s) side. You’ll need to stop in the wake of cleaning the principal half of the windshield to apply glass cleaner to the driver’s side. 

Stay in the traveler seat or incline toward the vehicle from the traveler’s side way to abstain from knocking or inclining toward the controlling wheel while cleaning. 


Keep cleaning on the driver’s side. Similarly as you did on the traveler’s side of the windshield, move the scour cushion through and through until the whole surface of the inside windshield has been thoroughly cleaned. When you’re done, utilize a dry microfiber towel to go over the whole surface of the windshield to guarantee you didn’t leave any cleaning fluid. Move your hand around the whole surface of the windshield in a small, tight circle.

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