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Best Windshield Repair in Baldwin County

You won’t find lower prices anywhere else! Chip and Crack Repair starts at $55!

We can fix your cracked or chipped glass, if its the size of a quarter or smaller, which saves you from buying whole windshield.

Be sure to get repaired before season change (temp changes from defroster or heater will cause cracks to run)

It’s a nice day outside and you’re driving your car around, suddenly you notice that your windshield has some minor crack or chips! Don’t be so surprise, your windshield is constantly bombarded by pebbles and other kinds of heavy trash that is kicked up during high speeds on highways. It is a huge safety concern than has to be looked at immediately. Leaving them will eventually destroy the entire windshield. The repeated wear and tear on your small cracks and chips will grow and form cracks that can weaken the glass.

If your have a chip or crack give us a call at Chambers Auto Glass today and make your appointment! Our certified technicians have all of the new tools, materials, and expertise to restore the noticeable chips, pits, and dents in your windshield.

Have a minor windshield damage? We use a special process for our repairs with the use of a vacuum injection device. Our device first pours a clear resin that fills in the damaged portion, then we smooth the area once more while restoring the clarity. Now, if you have a larger crack our device can only mend small chips. You must settle for a full replacement, don’t worry we have the lowest prices for auto glass replacement in Baldwin County, Alabama!

If the damage on your windshield is not a safety concern. Our rock chip and crack repairs start at $45.

We are a Preferred Provider of major insurance companies and will file the claim for you.

Don’t forget! Most cracks and chips on the driven can be illegal to repair and you will not pass inspection with a repair done in the driver’s line of vision. Not only is this a hazard for you, but a hazard to other people on the road.

The crack or chip must be less than the size of a quarter. This means the whole crack or chip must fit underneath the size of the diameter of a quarter.

Remember to give us a call! We will help you get your repair done right, the FIRST time!


We take our time to make sure your auto glass repair is done RIGHT

Windshield Replacement

We provide expert consultation and accurate price estimate for glass replacement. We are a Preferred Provider of major insurance companies and will file the claim for you.

Windshield Repair​

Rock chip and crack repairs start at $55! Our prices are lower than competitors! Get all your auto glass repair done right. The first time! We drive to you, FREE OF CHARGE!

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