Benefits of Windshield Repair Daphne AL

  1. Cost Savings – a windshield repair is hundreds of dollars less than a replacement. A chip repair prevents a crack and crack repair prevents a replacement. Whether you have a chip or a crack get it repaired ASAP.
  2. Safety – preserving the factory seal. If you are in accident the windshield is a major part of the airbag system and the roof support. Your best chances to avoid injuries or death is with the factory seal.
  3. Quality – saving your windshield preserves the higher quality Original Equipment Manufactured windshield. OEM windshields have precise surface control so the wipers remove rain; are solar optimized to block UV and reduce heat buildup in a parked car by as much as 45 degrees F and while driving which reduces use of the air conditioner saving gas mileage and; have acoustic attenuation which give a quieter ride by reducing road, tire and wind noise.  Click the section below to read more about “Glass Qualities and Properties of OE vs Aftermarket.”


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