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Affordable Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Foley, Alabama!

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Affordable Windshield Repairs in Foley, AL

Chambers Auto Glass offers professional auto glass services at an affordable price! And best of all, we come to you free of charge. Enjoy the convenience of our mobile service and still pay less!

We provide the following excellent auto glass services in the Foley area:

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Rock and Chip Windshield Repair Foley, AL

Do you need minor repairs to your windshield? Small cracks and chips in your windshield can be distracting and unsightly—and even worse, if you don't act fast enough to fix them, they can sometimes spread over time.

We can fix your cracked or chipped glass if the damaged area is the size of a quarter or smaller. This saves you from the cost of replacing the whole windshield. Just be sure to have those small rock chips or star breaks repaired as soon as possible. We recommend getting your windshield repaired at least before seasonal changes, because abrupt temperature shifts and using a vehicle's heater or defroster can cause cracks to run. Once it spreads past a certain point, it's no longer safe to simply repair it, so you'll need a full replacement.

Our rock and chip repairs are FREE with full coverage insurance! That's right, most insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the repair, because they recognize that a driver who can see the road is safer (and less costly for them to insure). We'll file the claim for you to streamline the process, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

Let Chambers Auto Glass get your windshield back to its former glory!

Best Prices on Windshields in Foley!

At Chambers Auto Glass, we offer professional services at competitive prices. With our experienced crew on the job, you can get the same quality glass and windshield installation for a lower price.

We're typically $40 to $50 lower than the competition!

How do we manage such affordable prices? Well, for one thing, we have a low overhead to keep costs down. We also search multiple vendors that have competing price lists and choose the best price, saving you money without sacrificing quality of materials or workmanship.

Another way we help our customers save money is by providing mobile service without any extra fee. Many of the other guys charge more for the convenience of mobile service, but at Chambers Auto Glass, we'll come to you for free!

Affordable Windshield Replacement in Foley, AL
Fast Windshield Repair in Foley, AL
affordable auto glass services in Foley, AL

Chambers Auto Glass will file the claim for you!

With over 35 years of industry experience, we are proud to offer quick, safe, and helpful mobile windshield services for people in Foley and the South Baldwin area in general. Whether you're at your home, office, school or elsewhere, one of our skilled and specially trained professionals can generally come right to you with speedy mobile service at no extra charge. We strive to accommodate you quickly, safely, and conveniently.

Chambers Auto Glass is Foley's best choice for mobile auto glass repair and replacement!

We are specialists in windshield chip repairs and windshield crack repair. We're an auto glass company that is dedicated to getting the job done right. Cutting corners can result in poorly installed windshields, and that can end up costing your more, down the line. In the worst cases, it might even endanger the lives of yourself and your family or friends. You can rely on our AGSC-certified techs to do the job properly, according to the auto glass industry's well-established best practices.

Click to learn more about how Chambers Auto Glass installs new windshields with the utmost care.

Auto Glass Windshield Replacement
Chambers Auto Glass provides expert glass replacement, including windows and windshields. Keep the bugs out of your teeth, and provides structural support important for your safety.
Auto Glass Windshield Crack and Chip Repair
We can fix your cracked or chipped glass, if its the size of a quarter or smaller, which saves you from buying whole windshield. Be sure to get repaired before season change (temp change will cause to run) Defroster or heater
Back/Rear Auto Glass Windshield Repair
We can diagnose your back auto glass window and either repair or replace the damaged glass at a fraction of the dealership. We even file the insurance claim for you. Stop paying more than you should! Get our affordable price.

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