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A guide to Auto Glass Care After Windshield Replacement or Repair

It’s important to know what steps to take after getting your auto glass fixed.

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How To Properly Clean Your Windshield.

After Windshield Replacement Care

If you’re searching for “After Windshield Replacement Care Tips” this post should help you know what to do after you’ve received service. While your technician should give you instructions on what to do after your windshield replacement, this post gives you an online resource in case you forget or didn’t have time to listen to the care instructions.

Replacement Windshield Care

Whether your insurance paid for your repairs or you paid out of pocket following these steps will help ensure you get your money’s worth. If you drive too soon, get a car wash, or remove the adhesive tape too soon you can disturb the adhesives that hold your windshield in place.

How Soon Can I Drive My Vehicle?

The time the adhesive takes to dry depends on the type of adhesive, humidity, and temperature. Generally it only takes about an hour to dry, but in some circumstances it may take up to 24 hours if special adhesives are required or if it is unusually humid. With Chambers Auto Glass your vehicle will be ready to drive again the same day we work on it.

How Long To Leave Tape On After Windshield Replacement?

If tape was used as part of your windshield replacement please leave it on your vehicle for at least 24 hours after the repair was completed.  This gives the seals time to completely dry without the chance of dirt, dust, rain, or other debris to ruin the installation. The tape also helps hold the windshield in the correct position.

When Can I Get A Car Wash?

Car washes use very high pressure water jets to remove the dirt, bugs, and grime from our vehicles. If the sealant and moldings are not yet dry these high pressure jets can ruin your windshield replacement. Vehicle owners who are dead set on washing their car within 24 hours of a windshield replacement should do so with hand wash and strictly avoid any high pressure hoses going anywhere near the windshield. Rain isn’t under any pressure, so owners shouldn’t fret if there is a storm in the forecast.

How Do I Know The Windshield Replacement Was Done Right?

The only way to know for sure if the job was done right is to undo it and remove the glass. Then you can inspect the moulding and know for sure. This is why it is important to only choose windshield replacement services from a reputable and experienced company. We back up our work with warranty because we train our techs and ensure they are committed to high standards and consistent quality.

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Take It Easy!

The sealant and moulding is vulnerable for the first 24 hours after a windshield replacement. That means you should take it easy with your vehicle and avoid jarring and unnecessary shaking. Try to avoid slamming your vehicle door as it causes pressure inside the car and may pop the windshield loose. You should also avoid going off-road or over unusually rough terrain. If you can you might also leave the windows gapped a bit to allow hot air to easily escape and avoid higher pressure inside the vehicle.


Select A Different Route

If you live, work, or commute through an area that is prone to having lots of road debris or if your windshield repair was vandalism you may consider a new route for your daily commute. If it was done in a parking lot you should consider an alternate area to park and report the damage to property owners.

Finally Leave A Cracked Window!

Another important tip after windshield replacement is to leave 1 window cracked at least 1 inch for at least 8 hours after your repair is complete.  This makes it possible for pressure to escape the vehicle as it warms up from the sun and sudden increases in pressure from closing doors. Try to close your doors gently as possible for the first 24 hours.


Baldwin County Windshield Replacement

If you live in the Baldwin County and need windshield replacement Chambers Auto Glass offers high quality professional windshield replacement with warranty. We are detail oriented, highly skilled, and ensure that every single job is done quickly and correctly. Take a look at our 5 star BBB review to see what others are saying about our windshield replacement and auto glass services.

Rock Auto Glass Cracks

It happens to everyone! A big truck kicks up a big rock and it cracks your windshield going 60. Let’s get that annoying crack patched!

Chip Auto Glass Repairs

We are experts in chip auto glass repairs. If your windshield got a chip or any similar damage we will make the drive to you free.

Freeze Auto Glass Cracks

Long Cracks often occur when you already have a small crack, water seeps in and it freezes. Get your glass repair today!

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