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Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) and Pilkington

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Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) and Pilkington have been known to be the leaders in Auto Glass developments. They have created a product that has been the top in both safety and innovation. Chambers Auto Glass has successfully connected with brands like PGW and Pilkington to deliver you the most affordable pricing available.

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We take pride in providing only high quality repair and replacements for all auto glass. Safety is our #1 concern. We make sure that your Baldwin County, AL Auto Glass installation is done right the first time.

Why we use PGW and Pilkington?

Have you ever had your Glass replaced and noticed that Glass can be wavy, have distortion, bubbles, imperfections, mismatched glass tint color, bad/wrong tempering, fit/shape/size error or lacks features or options the car came equipped with such as hydrophobic coating, acoustic interlayer, and sensor openings. Components for options like windshield wiper de-icer, rain-sensing wipers, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning or Night View can all be small details but if not taken care of correctly can lead to bigger issues.

Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) and Pilkington are some of the world’s leading suppliers of auto glass and complementary accessories. Both PGW and Pilkington automotive replacement glass is manufactured with the same process controls, tooling and quality inspections that is used for original equipment parts. As a result, Chambers Glass is a technology leader in automotive glass through replacement services that offer the best of laminated and tempered parts.

Find out how Chambers automotive glass replacement services are driving the best designs beyond expectations. Through technology like Sungate® windshields to Safe and Sound® laminated glass, both PGW and Pilkington technologies support passenger comfort and safety while looking great doing it!

PGW and Pilkington believe the best way to help build a competitive vehicle component is to work as partners, right from the beginning. Collaborating with auto makers from the earliest stages of design. PGW and Pilkington will provide the best service and technical support the global automotive market has to offer with the most quality control through initial concept to finished product, design, tools and Engineering. Our products here at Chambers Auto Glass meet and exceed all industry specifications, while supporting vehicle manufacturer requirements and consumer needs.

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