How to Care for Your Windshield on Hot Summer Days

How to Care for Your Windshield on Hot Summer Days

Summer days are hard on vehicles. Your car’s windshield is especially vulnerable during summer days. Windshield chips and cracks are a pain and are unsafe, too. Today, Chambers Glass gives you a few tips on how to care for your windshield on hot summer days.

Did you know the inside of your car easily gets up to 140° degrees on hot summer days? Excessive heat on a windshield makes it prone to cracks.

Cooler parking
You will definitely want to give your windshield a cooler place when you park your car. If you have a garage, park it there regularly. When out and about, look for the shadiest parking you can find. Believe it or not, shade lowers the temperature your windshield is exposed to by a lot.
Trees, awnings, covered garages, carports. If you have to park in the sun, leave your windows cracked a little to help keep the air circulating and the inside temperature lower. All of these are better choices than direct sun to care for your windshield on hot summer days.

Clean and cool
Everybody loves a clean car! But where and when you wash your car on blazing summer days can have an impact on your windshield. Direct sun on the windshield mixed with the cold water makes the windshield prone to cracks and chips. If you can, wait until the sun is setting to even begin washing your car. If that’s not an option, find a shadier spot to wash it. And, never wash your car when the windshield is very hot. Wait until it’s had a chance to cool down.

Washing your car in the direct sun also causes those pesky detergent spots you may have seen after a good scrub-down. Wait until sunset or wash in the shade to prevent spotting.

Retire the reflective sunshade
Those jazzy sun shades come in all designs. But the reflective type can be dangerous to your windshield on hot summer days. The purpose of sun shades is to keep your car’s interior cool. It does this by reflecting heat. This doesn’t help the windshield. In fact, the reflective sun shades reflect that heat back onto the windshield can cause cracking. If you have a leather interior or otherwise insist on using a sunshade, buy the non-reflective type to protect your windshield on hot summer days.

Get windshield chips replaced ASAP – no matter how tiny
Windshield chips can easily lead to cracks. This is never truer in the heat of summer. If you’ve had a windshield chip for some time now, get it repaired. A small chip from a rock or debris can turn into a large crack in no time with this hot summer heat. To prevent more debris coming into the chip, cover it with clear packing tape on the outside. Again, this won’t prevent it cracking. But this will keep it cleaner until the experts can repair it completely.

Don’t let a damaged windshield put a damper on your fun summer! Follow these simple tricks to care for your windshield on hot summer days.

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